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Welcome To Story Time

Come and join us on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month at 10 am to hear a story from the bible! In each session, we will be reading a short story from a children's bible beginning with Genesis! There will be time for questions, as I would love for this to be an interactive experience. Stories will be read live via Teams and a link will be provided below. The reading time and questions should last no more than about 30 minutes each session. All Children are welcome, and I look forward to reading to you!  


For prayer request feel free to send us an email at

(a) Children's bible story

God created the world

September 2, 2023 10am EST

Today's story we will be reading and learning about how God created the world!

(b) Children's bible Story

The Garden of Eden

September 16, 2023 10am EST

Today will be reading about the Garden of Eden!

(c) Children's bible story

The Serpent in the Garden

October 7, 2023 10am EST

Today we will be reading about the sneaky snake in the garden

(d) Children's Bible Reading- Genesis 6-9

God's Rainbow

October 21, 2023 10am EST

Today will be learning about God's rainbow!

(e) Children's Bible Reading- Genesis 11

The Tower of Babel

November 4, 2023 10am EST

We will hear about the land of Babylon

(f) Children's Bible Reading- Genesis 12-17 summary

The Call of Abraham

November 18, 2023 10am EST

Today we will hear the call on Abraham

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